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Frequently Asked Questions.

We will to ad more to this section, but here are the main questions people have asked.

1) Does CyclingBuddy cost anything?

No, is a TOTALLY FREE website.  There are no premium  sections to the site.


2) Why do you collect my Date of Birth?

We only collect this on sign up to calculate your age.  We dont display your date of birth on the site, but we do display your age.


3) Why do you need my postcode / Zip Code ?

We need your postcode so that we can display to you suitable buddies in your area.  The We dont pinpoint your exact address, we take the middle of your postcode to calculate distances from and to your buddies.  This is why if you sign up and search for yourself it will show that you are a number of miles away from your own postcode. 


4) How to unlink a buddy so that we are no longer a buddy?

a) log in

b) Click on your name ( top right)

c) Click on "buddies" -  its the box just under your profile picture

d) You should see a list of buddies' pictures and a link under each buddy that says "remove buddy" .  If you click on that it will remove that buddy from your buddy list.