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About us is a TOTALLY FREE platform which allows members to find other members to go cycling with.

No matter what kind of cycling you are into, Road cycling, Mountain Bikes or Recreational Cycling, you have a home here. is a global platform which will unite cyclists from all over the globe, allowing members to trade training tips, cycling routes and general opinion on cycling.

Our aim is to create a global community, a single destination website for people looking for news, views and reviews on cycling while at the same time also tacking the age old problem of "motivation".  As human beings we all struggle with getting ourselves into a regular routine of exercise; finding someone who enjoys the same sport as you and you both then providing mutual support and motivation can dramatically improve your enjoyment of cycling and not to mention an improvement of your levels of fitness.

Working with Britains' CTC -  The National Cycling Charity

CTC -  The National Cycling Charity


“CyclingBuddy is a great fit for us as the national cycling charity. We work hard to inspire people to cycle and getting both our members and cycling newcomers to be part of the CyclingBuddy online network is an excellent way to support people to get the most out of cycling.”

CTC Chief Executive Gordon Seabright


Julian Huppert -  MP for Cambridge

Julian Huppert - Member of Parliament for Cambridge and keen cyclist. is a fantastic way to connect the UK cycling community, and promote cycling as a healthy and affordable way to travel, tackle Britain's obesity crisis, boost the economy, and reduce congestion on our roads and trains. It is great that is working with CTC - The National Cycling Charity, which has been a great supporter of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.

While some enjoy the competitive side of cycling, others enjoy the recreational elements; both types of cyclists can benefit from eachother.  Everyone event the pro cyclist has a "slow' day.  It is our hope that when they have slow days, they will use it to pass on their wisdom and training tips to those that are just getting into the sport.

In 2008 we launched our first buddy site -  We now have a community of runners from all over the world.  We look forward to doing the same thing with 


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