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Turbo Trainer - you need one

24 March, 2013 0 comments

CycleOps Fluid Turbo Trainer

Turbo Trainer -  you cant do without one

When is a turbo trainer not a turbo trainer?.. when it becomes your best friend. Turbo Trainers might appear on the surface to be a bit of a luxury item, and in some way it is. But  it's also an essential piece of kit.  The turbo trainer like other training aids has its own part to play in keeping those legs spinning.

A good cycle ride can take a few hours out of your day, and these days there are a lot of things that compete for that time, and then get this.. when you do have the time, the weather is horrid and just not safe to hit the outdoors.  That is when the Turbo Trainer becomes your best friend.  It allows you to get that workout while at the same time staying fit and dry!

There are a number of Turbo Trainers out there, different brands, different functions.  We spent the winter testing out the CycleOps  Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer ( RRP £315), thanks to one of their stockists   Paligap

Here is a quick summary video of the CycleOps product:

The Turbo trainer was easy to set up and takes no space at all.  Whilst a little noisy, the unit was a great workout and made those colder, wetter days feel a little easier to stomach.  It so much nicer cycling on the Turbo Trainer looking out of the window at the rain than it does to be in it.  The surprising thing was that I actually felt like I got much more out of the workout.

Being on the Turbo Trainer allows you to think about the small things that often you forget. In particular working on cadence. Keeping an even pace through a cycle ride is key in conserving energy and maximising efficiency. 

Staying in shape, keeping your weight in check, keeping those legs spinning and retaining that muscle memory are all key things that you need to have a good cycle season. 

In our oppinion whether you are a club rider or a recreational rider, consider saving up and getting one of these.  We recognise that they are not cheap, but we are quite sure that owning a turbo trainer is a decision you would not regret.

Happy Cycling.



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