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To bike fit or not to bike fit?

17 August, 2013 0 comments

Bike fitting



When is the right time to invest in a proper bike fit?  can a rider really gain such a great advantage as to justify an investment of £150 - £200 ( $200 - $300)?

This level of investment can be seen I suppose in two ways.  Will it improve your cycling or prevent you from being injured?  I am guessing the experts will probably tell you "both".

What is a bike fit?

We are all different. Different length limbs and muscles change our physical characterisitcs when were on a bike.  Since no bike is standard we tend to have to "tweek" the settings on a bike to make sure we are comfortable on our rides.  There must be something in it as the professional riders make a big thing of it.

Here are two clips that show the thoroughness of the process


We are keen to hear your views.  Did you have a bike fit done?  was it worth it?  How did the benefit materialise itself?  

Share your views.


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