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Memory foam Ergoflex

28 January, 2013 0 comments


Get some proper sleep!

We dont think twice about spending a few hundred pounts on our car's MOT or servicing do we?  It's after all an essential piece of kit to get us around.  But when it comes to investing in our sleep we are often just quite content to get our head down on a pillow without much thought about anything else.

Now I will be the first to admit that I would not have gone out of my way to test this product.  It a bit bulky and afterall how do you test/ review a mattress? -  easy.  Have it delivered over the Christmas break,put it in the guest room and have your friends send a night using the mattress.

Ergoflex delivered rolled up

Of the 5 guests that slept on the Ergoflex, 4 noticed a marked improvement in their sleep -  many claiming that it wasnt  about how much sleep they had, but how much more rested they felt.  1 guest spent the day scheming on how he might be able to get it into the boot of his car without me noticing.

From my own perspective, I found the Ergoflex mattress to do what it said on the tin! - I tend to ache in the lower back and an old Periformis injury always made sleeping on one side quite uncomfortable.  The mattress quite clevely allows you to sink into it and then over time adjusts to your weight and offers a level of support that can only be described as floating.

When you unroll the mattress it has quite a clinical smell, it does dissipate after a while.  Its something to do with the packing process.  The mattress comes tightly rolled in a box, nothinking like what you would expect. If you do get one, plan to allow it to air for a day or two.  That was the only off putting thing about it.  I would also encourage you to open the box up in the room ( or near the room) where you plan to use it.  Once it self inflates and recovered the traditional form of a mattress its quite heavy.

Would I recommend it? Yep -  no shadow of a doubt.  I am still using it.  It no longer lives in the guest bedroom, its in mine!


If you want to win your very own Ergoflex Memory foam mattress then here is how.

1 -  Like/ share/ Tweet/ G+1 this article

2 -  Make sure your are a member of  -  its free to join, Click here

3 – Send us an email to with your delivery details

Conditions: Only open to members of  Competition will close  at Midnight (GMT) on 31st January 2013. A winner will be selected at random.  Our decision is final. Only one entry per person and no more than two per household.

If you cant wait that long and want to order one, visit Ergoflex

** if you suffer from a physical condition which impacts your sleep you should seek medical advice**



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