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05 September, 2014 0 comments

7 must do cycle rides |



People’s idea of the perfect bike ride differs hugely, but luckily there are enough excellent rides around the world to keep every cyclist happy. From a short cycle around your local park, to an extreme mountain decent; there is something for everybody. Obviously choosing your perfect cycling route will depend on your fitness, skill, locality, and willingness to travel, but if you look at these rides, I’m sure they will inspire you to want to move further afield with your bike, and start enjoy your cycling experiences to the full.

Ireland—County Clare

It seems that any city you visit in the world contains an Irish pub, and the Irish are famous for their penchant for traveling. However, if you have ever visited the Emerald Isle, you will probably start to wonder why. Cycling is a pleasure in Ireland, and if you take a ride around county Clare you will be in for a treat. After a peaceful ride around the wonderful beaches of the Shannon estuary, you can ramp up the excitement in Milton Malbay: and have a taste of the original Guinness. A nights rest will probably in order after enjoying the company of the locals, and the next morning you can look forward to an encountering a completely different landscape. The Burren is a barren place, and a little eerie, but it will add to your experience with its mesmerizing bleakness. After this, you will probably be glad to move back into the beautiful countryside of County Clare as you finish your circuit around the county in what The Lonely Planet calls “County Clare’s gentle patchwork countryside”. For contrasting landscapes and incredible people, County Clare is hard to beat.

Bolivia--The North Yungas Road

On the other side of the world, and the cycling spectrum, is the North Yungas Road, which is affectionately known as “Death Road” to cycling aficionados and according to A Rough Guide “has become the stuff of legend among downhill cyclists and thrill-seeking backpackers”. If you asked somebody to join you on a trip where they could enjoy beautiful vistas of the Bolivian Amazon, they would most likely jump at the chance. But if you went on to explain the 600 meter drops and winding downhill roads, they may not be as keen. However, for the more adventurous downhill cyclists this is 40 miles of heaven on earth. This is the perfect holiday cycle for the fearless cyclist.

USA/Canada-- Alabama to Ontario

If you want to take in some history on your cycling break, you can do no better than this ride that celebrates African Americans’ flights to freedom. The Adventure Cycling Association tells us that “The history of this remarkable period comes alive as you pedal along the 2,007-mile corridor”; a distance not for the faint hearted. However, for those interested in North American history the journey is a must. It follows the routes taken by those trying to escape slavery on the famous underground railway. It may take a while to complete, but the organisers will make sure it’s a great experience. You can look forward to visits to various locations, including museums and former slave markets, which will be a nice respite from the long trip. This may be a long ride on your bike, but imagine how difficult it was for those slaves longing for freedom.

Vietnam--Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

This is a ride that will split a country in half as you travel between these two cities, and cycle from South to North Vietnam. Be prepared to take in some stunning beaches on your journey, and to also encounter some rough terrain, Beautiful it may be but, as National Geographic tells us “it’s no picnic, as road surfaces vary considerably and there are many natural obstacles like the Hai Van Pass. 746 miles of beautiful scenery will make the occasional bumpy road worth it though, and you will also encounter lots of local life on the way through the towns. After enjoying the tranquility of the rice fields and the beautiful seas, you will agree that this is an incredible journey

Peru—Lake Titicaca to Machupicchu

The history of Peru is fascinating, and has made it a modern day Mecca for travelers; and what better way to enjoy it than on a cycling tour? Starting at Lake Titicaca and at 3812m up in the mountains, you make your way through beautiful Peruvian countryside until you reach Machu Picchu. This is no coast down a nice mountain road, and the Rough Guide tells us that “The route mostly keeps to remote dirt tracks, which may not suit everybody. However, seeing Peru’s top landmarks and wending your way through the small towns en route, make this a great alternative to other dirt track holidays. With great roads and the Incas, who could ask for more?

England—Isle of White

The Isle of White has been a popular holiday destination for decades, and it has all the facilities you could need on a holiday, so why not make use of the facilities while on a cycling holiday? The Lonely Planet wrote that “The Isle of Wight is a cycling paradise that is home to some of the UK’s most varied terrain, and who are we to argue? The island is cram packed with great roads and varying conditions, so you are sure to find a ride you like. There are mountain roads, village highways, beach front roads, and country lanes. Whether you want to enjoy a leisurely cycle or a more arduous mountain workout, the Isle of White will give you what you want. This may not be the most glamorous or taxing cycling holiday, but it is a lovely serene place to visit.

Iceland Route 1

This is not the most glamorous of names for a road, and that suits the ride itself perfectly. This tour around Iceland goes through some of the bleakest landscape on the planet prompting a Rough Guide writer to say “it is a memorable – if at times eerie – experience”, but if geological features hold any interest for you; this is the place to be. Traveling the 850 mile road, you will encounter such wonders as volcanoes, lava fields, geysers, waterfalls, and even icebergs. This combination of contrasting features is not available anywhere else, and you will have holiday photographs to die for. One of the best things about this route that it is not too tiring, which will allow you to enjoy the sights as well as the ride.

You can take your cycle anywhere in the world and enjoy the sights and culture of wherever you are. In fact, you can enjoy your home town. However, if you enjoy cycling, why not take advantage of the different places you can visit? These examples are all great places to ride bikes in different conditions, but I’m sure you will have your own favorites. 

Have you done any of these? Help inspire others,  email in your photos,thoughts and videos and we can add them to this article and share them with the world.  EMAIL FEEDBACK@CYCLINGBUDDY.COM 


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