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On yah bike

16 August, 2013 0 comments

Failing to inclip

Get inspired for the weekend, plus some useful tips for the novice cyclist.

It's time we did an article which brought together some good video clips to meet each of your riding needs. Scroll to the section that most relates to you and see the two video's we've selected.


Inspire me

If you are heading out on your bike this weekend, try something new. Push a little harder maybe? go for that hill that you keep avoiding.  Having second thoughts about cycling this weekend? watch these and see how you feel afterwards?



Thrill me

Need a reminder of how thrilling it is to be out on the bike? a reminder of the speed, bravery and achievement of a good day out in the saddle?


Remind me

We all forget from time to time.  Here are 10 things worth remembering.


Safe cycling everyone! -  enjoy yourselves out there and remember to keep an eye out for those CyclingBuddy jerseys. -  find someone to cycle with.


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