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8 Resolutions for 2015

14 December, 2014 0 comments

A cyclists' New Years' Resolution



Bring in the New Year with a Cycling Resolution:

8 Resolutions You Could Make

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and people are starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions once again. Millions of people around the world will start to think about what they will change in their lives to make them a better or healthier person; and cyclists are no different to other people when it comes to this New Year tradition. If you feel that all other avenues have been exhausted, and have decided that a cycling resolution is on the cards, here are a few resolutions you could be making this year.

Start cycling

Of course, if you are not yet a cyclist, the best resolution you can make is to become one. The benefits to your health are enormous, and it is a great way to put some activity back into your life. Even if you currently enjoy another sporting activity, taking up cycling can be a huge challenge, and the enjoyment you can take from a leisurely ride in the open country air is not to be ignored either. In fact, you may find that cycling for pleasure is such a good thing that you will encourage your family to start too. It is a shame that the New Year comes after Christmas, as you could have asked for a bike and all the accessories as presents to fulfil your resolution; never mind, you can always upgrade next year.

Give up smoking

Ok, the chances are that if you are interested in your health enough to be a cyclist that you will not be a smoker, by why not give up another temptation. By giving up buying candy bars for example, could enable you to save enough to buy an accessory for your bike; or even a new bike if you like candy bars that much. If you do smoke, giving up will have huge benefits to your riding. Your breathing and stamina will increase as will your potential for stronger muscles; and you will even smell better.

Cycling Holiday

What better resolution could you make than to go on holiday? Here we have a resolution that is a winner all round, and yet the object of it is often over-looked. If you enjoy riding a bicycle, surely a cycling holiday would be your dream; and yet most cyclists have never enjoyed one. If you encourage your family to ride, you could take a touring holiday around your locality, or have a break in an exotic location. There are cycling tour operators all over the internet, so you will definitely find somewhere you will like.

Cycling Charity Ride

This is a great way to give back to the community, and is also a great way for you to socialize with other cyclists. Cycling charity rides often become events after the ride, as local (and not so local) bike clubs put on functions, dances and food. If you have a particular charity you support, you could even arrange a charity ride yourself. Imagine the satisfaction of taking part in a charity ride that you have organized yourself. This resolution is a sure fire way to feel good

More Kilometers

The majority of serious cyclists are constantly pushing themselves to improve, and little by little most will see that improvement. Making a New Year’s resolution may seem like just another way to motivate yourself, which it obviously is, but making a resolution known to others is often the extra push that some cyclists need to achieve a goal they have set year after year. Why not give yourself that extra push this New Year?

Stop Complaining About Motorists

This may be the most difficult resolution of all, and one that is sure to test your resolve; and there are so many things that we find annoying about motorists, that this may become an impossible task. Whether the complaint is based on bad driving habits, a lack of consideration, or even the countless laws that motorists flaunt, you should promise yourself that you will try to bite your lip, and keep your (usually) waving fist on your handlebar. Try to be a little more forgiving of the private car driver, taxi, truck, and delivery driver and you will have less stress on your rides, and forgiving our distant cousins, the motorcyclist, for the odd infringement could even bring back a long lost family tie.

Obey the Law

There are written and unwritten laws that cyclists should be following every day, and if you complain about motorists, you should be following the rules as well. Riding your bike the wrong way up a street, or running a red light is as unlawful on a bike as it is in a car, but many cyclists continue to break these laws as they feel they are doing little harm, Unfortunately, for cyclists who feel these actions are OK, the learning curve can be steep, so make your New Year’s resolution one where you follow the law if you aren’t already; it could save your life.

Lecturing Other Cyclists

Why is it that any cyclist who has been in the saddle for more than 2 or 3 years, suddenly becomes an expert in every facet of cycling? If you are one of these “know it all” cyclists this resolution could win you back some friends and respect. Consider what you will say, and how you will say it, when confronted with a cyclist with a badly adjusted saddle, or the incorrect cleats; giving advice is fine, but droning on for an hour about saddle height is unacceptable to all bar other “know it alls”. There is a big difference between being an expert and a show off; and most cyclists can spot the show off in a second.

For a real challenge you always combine a few of these resolutions; and completing a charity bike ride in another country, on the bike you bought from giving up candy bars sticks out in my mind. But the combination is up to you. Alternatively, just choosing one could be enough of a challenge for you



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