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We've made it really easy for you to sign  up to  If you have a facebook profile you can use the same details to sign sign up to  You will need to give us permission to use some of your details from your facebook profile page to sign you up to

Its really quite easy, watch this short clip.



How to create a Member Event:

Members are able to create "member events" on the site which other members can see and join in.  These events must not be fee charging events.  They are in place to connect members with other members in their area.  Here is now you set up a member Cycling event.


Searching for a buddy, doing a buddy request or emailing them

If you need to know how to search for a buddy, find a buddy, send them an email or request them as a buddy then watch this short clip.



Tell your friends about - Refer a friend

We want you to tell all your friends about our website.  To help you do this we tried to make it easy with a refer a friend function.  This is really easy to use.  This clip shows you how.




How to edit an event you have already created?



How to Log your Cycle ride on

This is how you log your cycle ride on Make sure you start by loggin into your account.


How to upload a TCX file:

First download the TCX file from your GPS machine and save it in a file on your laptop.  The log into and follow this process.