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Privacy Statement


Our commitment aims to keep all your personal data safe and take all practical measures to ensure that it is protected to the best of our ability. To allow you to make informed decisions about data you place on the site we have highlighted some of the processes and proposed uses of your data.


How we collect information on you:

The information that we store on you is provided by you. This is done via our sign up process. Additionally other information about you may be derived from your social network within the website ( i.e someone may make a comment on one of your photos).  If you sign up using a third party sign in ( like facebook) we will capture, store and use data which you have given us authority to use.


What do we do with that data:

That data is stored and placed under your management ( via log in) and accessible at any point. The data may be searchable on our website by users looking to contact you for the purposes of joing up to cycle together.

We DO NOT sell your data to any third party.

If you opt in to our newsletters, we will email you a newsletter in line with the distribution cycle.  We will send every member a Monthly Activity report  highlighting your the achievements for that month.  This is an automated process that every member receives and will carry up to 5 paid for adverts.


Other data:

The website will evolve allowing certain e-commerce functions, such as:

CyclingBuddy will collect only such data as is required to fulfil that order. We will not collect or store credit card details.


CyclingBuddy  will be interested in understanding and reporting on the demographics of our web community. To do this we will query data from registered users to establish high level statistics on our users, these include, but are not limited to;

This data will be used to better understand and develop our business, and attract advertisers to the website.

At no point will personal identifiable data be shared with any third party that will lead to target any single individual.


Data Security

To ensure the proper safety and security of your data, we have set up a number of procedures and processes which will limit any breaches or miss management of information.


How to access your information

Your information can be accessed online via your log in. You can correct personal information at your convenience. Should you experience difficulties in accessing your details or wish to have us delete your records you can contact us via our contact us page


Under 16 ?

Despite the possible appeal of CyclingBuddy  to the under 16s we have elected to make 16 the minimum age for joining our website. We will not knowingly display information on anyone under the age of 16 years old. Should we discover that a member is under the age of 16, we will take firm and assertive action to remove them from the site by deleting the profile without further notice