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Thumb Paul D.
18 April 2012, 10:50
Ok so the 3 Peaks challenge is a heck of a lot of no fun at all. I'm going to walk/hike the mountains but cycle the roads between them. I'm not a MTB'er and my Specialised Tricross has served me well as a no nonsense work horse for the last 15 months so I'm giving it a shot. Riding from Snowdon to Scafell Pike to Ben Nevis between June 3rd to 9th the start of it catches the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and the week the Olympic torch passes through the north west of England. It's about 440 miles total and I'm welcoming people to ride alongside for a few miles to keep me company. I'm using (hopefully) ambulance stations (I'm a paramedic see ;o)) at stop off points so I'm afraid I can't really organise logistics for those who may want to do more than a few miles with me.I have most of my kit organised but would love advice on nutrition and stuff I am likely to have overlooked for such an endurance challenge. Join in the chat peoples :o)

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