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mio Cyclo 100

07 February, 2013 0 comments

Mio Cyclo GPS

Meet the MIO CYCLO 100

We recently discovered a hidden gem! -  The Mio Cyclo 100 GPS for cyclists.  Smart, elegant, small enough to fit in your jersey pocket, cool enough to place on the tearoom table half way round the cycle route with your mates and a very impressive battery life for those long days in the saddle... what more could you ask?

The Mio Cyclo 100 has a very reasonable 1.8" screen with an anti-glare screen ( useleful for those bright days).  The 18hr durability battery is not to be sniffed at.  If you dont own a GPS at the moment you should know that leaving the GPS on when you dont intend to is a regular occurance!

Mio Cyclo 100 close upCyclists are generally obsessed with stats, how far, how long, how high! -  stats help us understand better why our legs hurt so much the days following a cycle ride.  The Mio Cyclo 100 has it all! -  Calories, distance, time,  height, GPS track, 

Setting up the Mio Cyclo 100 is really easy. The lack of a touchscreen is unfortunate, but its easy enough to navigate and get the job done quite quickly.  It took us 2.5 minutes to get it all set up.  The built in GPS locked in on the signals quite quickly and voila! -  ready to go.   A couple of fittings to secure the device to the bike are included in the box.  A simple housing is attached to the handlebars using the trusted cable ties!

Mio owners can download their workouts onto the Mio platform and analyse all their rides and stats.  The Mio is not yet integrated into , which I know is a serious shortfall, but we shall be working on it.

We think this is a cool enough piece of kit to still recommend it; and better still how about giving one away?





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