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hiker biker

01 January, 2013 0 comments

Hiker biker


Hiker Biker: Bike Touring on a Budget

Every summer thousands of cyclists hop on the Pacific Coast Highway and ride the length of Oregon and California’s coasts in pursuit of spectacular ocean landscapes, verdant sprawling forests, and the cycling challenge of a lifetime. Dotting the way are state parks of all varieties, from Oregon’s Honeyman State Park to CA’s Samuel P. Taylor. One great thing about America is the park system. National and state parks are everywhere. And thoughtfully enough, they have cyclists’ backs. For a mere $5/night in most parks, backpackers or bike tourers can relax in nature’s recline without reservation, or reservations.

Many camping sites are becoming quite expensive as government budgets dwindle and funding dries up. Family budgets are constrained too, but bike touring in combination with hiker biker websites are amazingly inexpensive ways to enjoy nature, biking, and camping. You would think that these spots would be the least scenic available - tuck the cheapskates in the corner and let them fend for themselves. But, quite to the contrary, hiker biker sites are oftentimes the most beautiful in the whole campsite. They are frequently arranged in clusters of 2-5 tent sites, often with a common fire pit. On weekdays you can be assured of peace and quiet, but on Fridays and Saturday nights enjoy the company of fellow cyclists around a cozy fire, roast marshmallows, cook excellent food, nip on a bottle of whiskey, and exchange information about the best routes and sights in the area.

Just north, and just south of the San Francisco bay area seem to be hotspots for hiker biker sites. Muir Woods, Samuel P. Taylor, China Camp, they’re all beautiful parks with their own individual character and pristine nature. Each has incredible hiker biker facilities as well. It makes sense that the region known for environmental zeal would have such easy access to nature’s camping bounty. It also stands to reason that cyclists would possess passion for state parks. Cycling is a pursuit of many objectives, but commonly, embrace of nature, of health, of happiness, and the like are included.

Hiker biker sites do have their limitations, however. One is typically able to stay for only one or two nights. Check out the website of the park you plan to visit ahead of time. Frequently the state parks along CA’s coast are close enough together that a full day’s ride will easily take you to the next hiker biker site. Also, if you are traveling with a larger group, say more than 6 people, you are better off reserving a larger site for everyone. It is likely that by splitting the fee you will be able to save money in any case, and perhaps you would like more space than the hiker biker would allow you.

Either way, hiker biker sites provide safe, comfortably, beautiful and inexpensive opportunities for bike tourers to explore America’s parks. It’s well worth your while.

For more information on Oregon’s hiker biker sites, please click here, and for CA’s hiker biker sites, please click here. 

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