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Harry's Story - Liverpool - Chester - Liverpool

12 July, 2012 0 comments


19th Anniversary Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool charity bike ride Sunday 8th July 2012.

So, what do you get if you mix a rare sunny summer day, a 50 mile round trip, and 3000 Scousers on bikes?  a damned good fun filled Sunday morning club ride of epic proportions that’s what.

And so it was that I joined the fun and entered the 19th anniversary Liverpool-Chester- Liverpool bike ride, to be honest, it hadn’t figured on my list of “must do” rides for this year, until I realised that it would involve the opportunity to ride through a completely traffic free Mersey Tunnel.

The ride, was organised efficiently and operated safely by those excellent folk from Pennine Events, plenty of signage, and marshals at all the major junctions.

I’ve ridden quite a few sportives over the years but this was very different, I’ve never seen so many different shapes, ages, and sizes of people out on a bewildering array of bikes, whole families pushed along amongst, crusty mountain bikers, and lycra carbon roadies, and, everybody smiled.. amazing.

The route was a well balanced mix of main roads, quiet lanes and

well made cycle paths, and, there was an excellent food stop at Wirral Rugby Club where a magnificent spread of cakes sandwiches and drinks was available.

 A  few practical observations, at 50 miles in total the ride was well within my “ comfort zone” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t prepare for it, my usual weekend rides of 30-40 miles made sure that the legs wouldn’t be taken by surprise, but I double checked them by doing a longer 50 mile ride during the week before the event.

I made sure the bike was up to it as well, a good cleaning and oiling session the day before made sure that  at least the Ridley looked the part.

At 50 miles and with feed stops at quarter and half distance, food and drinks were not a problem, no need for jersey pockets bulging with gells and bars, although I did take two full half litre bottles of my favourite SiS Go drink.

Would I do anything different next year, well, I live 90 miles away from the start so I would certainly allow more than the 2 hours I did this time to get there, and, I would probably check out the long term car parking a bit better.

This time we were lucky in finding a space within a few hundred metres of the start, if we hadn’t it might have made the whole starting procedure, which, ideally should be relaxed and fun, a little less so.

And so, returning through the Mersey Tunnel to be greeted by cheering and waving family and friends brought a fabulous mornings ride to an end, great fun, and loads of money raised for a good cause I’ll be back again next year.


Harry Butterworth


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