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Discover the SOLE thin Sport Footbeds

17 August, 2013 0 comments


Sole Thin Sport Footbed for cyclists

SOLE Thin Sport Footbeds

Cyclists often complain of "pinns and needles" in their feet particularly during a climbing session.  It seems often many of us over tighten our shoes in an attempt to better connect our feet into the sole of the cycling shoe.  This may in fact be making it worse.  We took a look at the SOLE footbeds and how they might help improve things.

Heat or wear mouldable footbeds from SOLE come in a range of styles to ensure perfect fit and neutral alignment for any foot shape, with the Thin Sport designed especially for low-volume footwear such as cycling shoes. During the downward pedal stroke, power produced by the legs is transmitted through the foot to the pedal, causing pressure to occur at the foot.  As the pressure increases, there is a compensatory pronation response, causing the shinbone and knee to rotate internally.

SOLE Custom Footbeds have been shown to reduce the inward twisting on the knee and ankle when cycling, which consequently reduces pain and discomfort in the knees and hips. By stabilizing the feet and ankles properly, the footbeds align the legs to create a more efficient pedal stroke, increasing endurance while transferring more power to the pedals. A properly supported arch and heel cup increase plantar pressure, which will also reduce any pain and swelling. Always combine SOLE Footbeds with proper bike fit for maximum overall performance.

We found the Thin Sport Footbeds very supportive particularly in the foot arch area.  There was a very acute difference in the feeling of being connected to the bike.  The foot seemed to take on more of  a responsive feeling.


SOLE Thin Sports Footbeds‘Other footbeds I have tried are not strong enough to support my high arch and are never going to withstand the abuse I give my feet in my Scott carbon shoes. I have to race and train in horrendously muddy conditions in Winter, and hot humid ones in Summer; SOLE products are so well made they withstand all of this abuse. I can ride all day on and off road, and I am 100% convinced that these footbeds allow me to deliver power to my pedals...I will not ride without them.’

Pro mountain bike and cyclo-cross champion Nick Craig

Image courtesy of: Andy Carter

SOLE Thin Sport Custom Footbeds RRP £38 from


A brief video worth watching for a bit more background on the product and why a cyclist should use it.  Worth a watch as it also talks about how to mould the Footbeds to your feet.

Footbeds are a great way to give your feet more support.  If you are a cyclist clocking up lots of miles and you spend a reasonable time on the saddle this is a must have.


Do you wear sole supports?  What do you think of them?  Did they work for you and would you recommend them?


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