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Turbo Trainer Workout

13 October, 2013 0 comments

Turbo training for cyclists


Make the most of your turbo trainer workout

As winter approaches, many of you may be thinking about indoor training options. Indeed, using a turbo trainer can be a good alternative for some of your cycling workouts – if you know how to use it well. What is more, it can enhance your overall performance as a complementary training option throughout the year, allowing you to concentrate on getting a good workout without distractions like weather, traffic, or road debris.

If you’ve decided to use a turbo trainer in your workouts – whether during the winter months or as an addition to your regular cycling routine – here are some tips for making the most out of your workout.

Have a plan

As with any kind of training, it is best to have a plan in place. What is it that you want to achieve and how can your turbo training sessions specifically help you work towards your goals? Having a training plan in place won’t only ensure that everything you do has a function in your training regimen; it is also more likely that you will feel accountable to put in the hours instead of finding excuses. Don’t know where to start? There is a variety of training plans specifically dedicated to turbo training that you can find online. Additionally, you may want to use training programs that come with DVDs. 

Always warm up

As with any kind of training, you should warm up your body before you start pushing it hard. This will help to avoid injuries and also to achieve better results in your workout. Simply take 5-10 minutes to go easy on the turbo trainer at the beginning of each workout. If you’ve developed a warm-up routine for your outdoor workouts, remember to do one for your turbo training session as well.

Get to know yourself

What is special about turbo training is that it eliminates variables like weather, wind and uneven ground. This means that you will have a better opportunity to focus on how you interact with your bike and what each workload feels like. Take this time to get to know yourself! Observe how your body reacts to different paces and sprints, how it speed up and recovers. How does your position on the bike change? By monitoring yourself closely you’ll be able to make more informed improvements to your training plan and your cycling position.

Get ready for intervals

Turbo training is a great way to get some intervals into your workout routine. No worrying about finding a traffic-free road that is flat and free of debris! Instead, you’ll be able to concentrate on giving your best and observing how your body reacts. To make things even easier, it is simple to use a clock or a watch for timing your intervals, and you can even attach an overview of your session to a wall near you in order to remember what comes next at all times.

Go for the hills

If you want to do hill training outdoors, you will be limited to the terrain that you can find around your home. With the turbo trainer however, you can be more creative. If you have something specific in mind for hill training, you can just simulate the steepness and size of any hill you want – which is especially convenient if you’re training for a hill race!

Set your mind on racing

It may be seem boring to mount the turbo trainer at times, but it is up to you to keep the workouts varied and motivating. One way of doing this is to simulate racing or to make up challenges for yourself. Set up goals that have to do with distance, speed or intensity, and see if you can beat your best. Alternatively, training videos are a great tool to really get you into that racing mindset!

Improve your posture

There is no excuse for not improving your posture while turbo training. With the help of a large mirror or video camera, you’ll be able to observe your form in detail. What happens to your cycling position when the pace is fast? What happens when you suddenly accelerate? Does your form change when you’re tired? Note all this and then work towards achieving the perfect flow and strength in your riding style.

Keep your programme varied

As with any training routine, you’ll have to mix it up for best results. Don’t just keep doing the same thing – explore what options turbo training has to offer and challenge yourself!

Prepare the setting

Luckily you won’t have to carry anything around with you when turbo training. Therefore, use this opportunity to make your workout as comfortable as possible by having everything on hand. You will also want to avoid getting off your bike in the middle of a workout because you suddenly remember something you need! Make sure you have enough hydration and clothing. Since there is no cooling wind indoors, it is a good idea to have a towel nearby to wipe off the sweat.

Use the power of music

In the comfort of your home it is safe and allowed to listen to any kind of music as loud as you want. If you want to take advantage of this, put together a playlist with songs that have a good rhythm and that motivate you to give your best.

Ask a friend to join

Research shows that training with a partner makes one push harder – which means you are more likely to get better results! But it can also increase your commitment to the training plan and simply make an indoors workout much more fun. The best part? Your fitness levels can be different but you can still work out together!

What has been your experience in using turbo trainers for cycling workouts? Would you recommend it? Perhaps you even have some tips to share?

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