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Think Cyclist

20 September, 2012 0 comments

Think Cyclist Campaign




A new poll for the Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign has found that 25% of UK adults are noticing more cyclists on the road after our cycling summer of success. With the ‘Wiggins Effect’ putting more people on the road, staying safe is a priority.

A new THINK! Campaign, ‘THINK CYCLIST’, calls on drivers and cyclists to stay safe this autumn by looking out for each other – pointing out that drivers and cyclists have more in common than is often realised. With 80% of cyclists holding a driving licence, and 1 in 5 drivers cycling at least once a month, they are often the same people.

The THINK CYCLIST poll has also showed that cyclists and drivers agree on how to stay safe on the road.

  • Looking twice for each other when turning or at junctions came out top for both as the precaution that would avoid the most collisions (41% of regular cyclists, and 35% of regular car drivers).
  • Both also agree on how to make things better, with 67% of cyclists and 59% of drivers saying that giving each other space on the road was in their top three ways of making cyclists and drivers more visible to road users.

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond (pictured above) said:

“We take the issue of cycle safety extremely seriously so we are launching ‘THINK CYCLIST’, a campaign aimed at both cyclists and drivers.

“With interest in cycling heightened by Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France and our cyclists’ extraordinary success at the Olympics and Paralympics too, we want to remind cyclists and drivers of the importance of looking out for each other to avoid accidents. 

“Many people cycle and drive and a new THINK! poll shows both road user groups agree that looking twice at junctions, as well as giving each other space on the road, are practical things that we can all do to help reduce the numbers of cyclists killed and seriously injured on our roads each year.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: "The safety of London's road users is an absolute priority for me and improved cycle safety in particular is at the heart of all our work. So with ever more Londoners taking to the streets on two wheels, many inspired by our amazing summer of sport, the THINK CYCLIST campaign is a timely reminder of the need for road users to respect each other and make the city a safer place."

THINK CYCLIST is calling on drivers and cyclists to:

o    Look out for each other, especially when turning

o    Signal intentions so that the other road user can react

o    Give cyclists space and remember that cyclists are advised to ride well clear of the kerb to be visible and avoid collisions


This is the first time that THINK! has targeted cyclists and drivers together, and the campaign has the support of organisations such as the RAC, AA and IAM The campaign will be working with motoring and cycling organisations nationally and locally to help to get safety messages to their members.

RAC technical director David Bizley said: “RAC welcomes any measure which helps improve safety for all road users and clearly with the growing interest in cycling there is a need for greater prominence of cycle safety. Many of our members are cyclists as well as drivers and we are keen to see greater awareness of the needs and risks presented by modern road use to, potentially, vulnerable cyclists.”

AA President Edmund King said: "There are too many accidents between cars and cyclists.  We need to look for each other whether opening a car door or changing lanes.  As fuel prices rise and fitness moves higher up the agenda there will be more cyclists. Drivers need to think more about cyclists on the road."

Chief executive of the IAM Simon Best said:  “Whether you’re on two wheels or four, you are responsible for the safety of others.  All accidents are preventable. By being considerate and eradicating bad habits we can significantly reduce accidents.”


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